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Love for our land


The opening to the public of the Stufa dei Fiori, the ancient nineteenth-century greenhouse of the Real Bosco of Capodimonte, restored and redeveloped as Tisaneria-Bistrot, marks the first important stage of the project Delizie Reali that aims to enhance, aimed at the recovery and management of the buildings and the appliances of the “Real Fruttiera” of the Bosco di Capodimonte called “Giardino Torre” and the so-called “Serra”.

A project born from the desire to create the first educational, productive and recreational urban agro-ecosystem of Naples with high sustainability, in a historic museum site of the highest quality.



The heart of the project is to create a real network, a community, made up of subjects belonging to the private, public, social, cognitive and civic, a material and ideal place of reference for the development and implementation of sustainability practices, of social inclusion and improving the quality of life. The community, the result of different skills and experiences, is open to the involvement of additional operators from the most lively and qualified realities of the Neapolitan social landscape, bearers of experiences and sensibilities, able to perceive the territory and enhance its expressions and typical products.



The main idea is to create a system of activities and services, from the strong cultural and social connotation, from zero km catering to the marketing of selected high quality products, the use of the orchard and the historic garden to educational activities-recreational, with particular reference to the activities of food education, agronomic, botanical and culinary, in a synergy and collaboration with local associations; all while respecting the nature of historical artifacts, in consideration of the cultural historical value of the same, the related landscape-environmental context and its location within the Real Bosco of Capodimonte, in a logic of integration with the Museum, the Wood and the social and productive realities present on the territory, respecting the historical heritage and the original productive vocation of the site, the Torre Giardino is in fact the only surviving testimony of productive garden among all the Bourbon sites that, In addition to being places of leisure and enjoyment, they were real productive agricultural companies that had to self-sustain and generate profit.



The new system of activities is aimed at both tourists and citizens, in a dual logic of expanding the offer of services for those who have already chosen as a goal the Museum and the Real Bosco of Capodimonte and attracting new segments of users. Further possibilities are offered to schools, interested in educational and cultural activities and by public and private institutions for the offer of ideal locations for the realization of business and institutional events.

Our Projects

Stufa dei Fiori

Stufa dei Fiori, a small body of a factory leaning against the Casino dei Principi, an ancient greenhouse used for the reproduction or shelter of species, especially flowering, that needed a more temperate climate in the winter season.

Giardino Torre

It is an ancient royal orchard with adjoining a turreted farm, a treasure trove of agro-biodiversity, it is a very precious place for its historical value and for the botanical rarities it hosts. Located on the north-eastern edge of the forest, between the valley of Miano and Capodichino, remains the only evidence of productive garden among all the Bourbon sites that, in addition to being places of leisure and enjoyment, had to self-sustaining and generate profit. Probably pre-existing to the foundation of the royal site, fruit and vegetables are still cultivated today. The first fruits and the most precious fruit were reserved for the royal table. In addition, many varieties of flowers were cultivated, also reserved for the Reggia, in fact the garden was attached to a nursery (fruit from below) at the service of the forest.

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